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Lost sort of dreams - Spoilers of Doom for KH2Collapse )

I had to write this. It bothered me so much about KH2.


Its 1:45 am and I need to say something. I'm not sure what.

Oh oh oh I know. That I totally wanna move out. RIGHT NOW. I'm tired of being regulated like I'm a parking meter or something. (Just cause I have to take pills doesn't mean I'm going to explode.)

Seriously, does anyone watch the Food Network on a regular basis like I do? I'd love to know.

I need to learn how to make sushi. Like really good sushi. Like the veggie sushi from Benihana <3

Also I need to make tempura. I know how to do that, but I'm lazy and forget.

And I wanna make cookies. I need to shut off the Food Network >_>

I taught Mark new word. "Shived." Its amusing.

Oh dude I watched the Last Unicorn the other night and it just pwned. I forgot how good that movie was <3 *hums the theme* I was surprised at how many Japanese people worked on the film for being made in 1981 (cause you know, anime hadn't quite carried over yet style/popularity wise). I love being made in the 80's. (And no Erica, you don't count.)

I find it funny that after watching The Boondocks I found that alot of black people are now racist against white people. Talk about a role reversal.

And I love 12 Ounce Mouse. Single best show ever. Seriously. I love it.

And Perfect Hair Forever has some pretty funny quotes, like this!:

"There will be more cats - *looks at the camera, totally breaking the fourth wall* more men in cat suits."

This is why [adult swim] now pwnz my soul.


I finally moved the N64 into my room so I can now play Harvest Moon 64 at odd hours of the night. <3

They devour me

Wrath:Very High
Pride:Very High

The Seven Deadly Sins Quiz on 4degreez.com


One of the single best icons I've ever made. Srsly.

But now I must recap the year as best I can XD;


Jan-Feb-March-April-May-June: I did stuff I guess. It was Sophomore year o_O

July: My birthday. Went to Benihana (tepanyaki Japanese style restaurant) the night before with my parents and Kristi. Next day got a surprise birthday party and nearly strangled Kristi n_n

August: Went to Disneyworld in a camper with my parents, three dogs, a kitten and Kristi. IT WAS INSANE. BUT OSSUM. BEST VACATION EVAR.

September: My mom got her pacemaker/defibulator put in and the day after my grandfather died. THIS MONTH SUCKED.

October: Last day of this month I was pre-hospital.


December: It was the most un-Christmasy time ever. My Grandma came for a visit. Got alot of Christmas money. Am writing this.



So I'm going to copy Boomtany and ask you people to make me icons, since I now have (thanks to Erica's Christmas present) the ability to host 100 ICONS on my LJ account @_@




And then you can do this or something.

Name a fandom you know I know and I'll tell you:

1. The first character I first fell in love with
2. The character I never expected to love as much as I do now
3. The character everyone else loves that I don't
4. The character I love that everyone else hates
5. The character I used to love but don't any longer
6. The character I would shag anytime
7. The character I'd want to be like
8. The character I'd slap
9. A pairing that I love
10. A pairing that I despise


I love that you can now have 6 icons on a free account instead of just 3.



Life just really sucks right now

The Alice in Wonderland play was canceled due to jackasses in our class so now we have an alternative assignment. It just really really sucks. I'm sick of people ruining everything for the people who acctually wanna participate. Its just not fucking fair.

I wish she would have just punished the bastards who were doing that.

For Erica

ManseMistress: (Isn't it cool when you get online to check and see if one person is on, and then they're the *only* person on?
Mistress of Nils: (XD!!! YES)
ManseMistress: (I'm taking on way too much work for tomorrow XD)
Mistress of Nils: (...uh oh)
ManseMistress: (Something in me says "You should SO sew these four things tomorrow!")
ManseMistress: (...Four? ;.
Mistress of Nils: (XD)
ManseMistress: (Phantom somehow roped me into starting her outfit. o.O)
Mistress of Nils: (HA!)
ManseMistress: (So now it's her simple dress and a corset-like belt, all in black)
ManseMistress: (And I'm also making a second belt of the same type and a hat for Dana out of this instrument fabric I have)
Mistress of Nils: (XD)
ManseMistress: (AND, if I'm not totally burnt out after those many lil projects, I get to start making patterns for Elphabear)
Mistress of Nils: (XD)
ManseMistress: (*points at Phantom!tracklist* ...My music is angsty, violent, and sullen.)
ManseMistress: (I call it The Bipolar Phantom Tracklist)
Mistress of Nils: (XD)
Mistress of Nils: (Anime gets no tracklist.)
Mistress of Nils: (A: ._.)
ManseMistress: ("Anime" Inside of Me is on the tracklist)
Mistress of Nils: (*DEAD*)
ManseMistress: (P: *shoots*)
Mistress of Nils: (A: O_O)
ManseMistress: (*is dead* XD)
Mistress of Nils: (A: WTF?!)
ManseMistress: (P: =___=)
Mistress of Nils: (A: Thats too messed up.)
ManseMistress: (*revives*)
Mistress of Nils: (Ah, the nostalgia.)
ManseMistress: (But its seriously crazy. I have j-rock, .hack, Enya, Nightwish, Fantomas, VoH, and other random things mixed together. XD)
ManseMistress: (Meanwhile I'm making Phantom's dress from a peasant pattern!)
Mistress of Nils: (XD)
ManseMistress: (And am getting random Phantom-centric bits of inspiration.)
ManseMistress: (There may or may not be a Christmas!Phantom fic coming)
Mistress of Nils: (XD!!!)
Mistress of Nils: (MISTELTOE FIC!!)
Mistress of Nils: (*greatly amused*)
ManseMistress: (Nope :P)
ManseMistress: (It's from a time of her life I've never actually written about - when she was a street rat)
Mistress of Nils: (*dances*)
ManseMistress: (And relatively happy, somehow o_O)
Mistress of Nils: (o_O)
ManseMistress: (P: Scary, I know =_=)
ManseMistress: (Indeed)
ManseMistress: (And then there's also this Kitak-Phantom fic bugging me)
Mistress of Nils: (....)
ManseMistress: (....)
ManseMistress: (Like their relationship, not their love, dear. =_=)
Mistress of Nils: (I know)
Mistress of Nils: (That would burn the mind, luv.)
ManseMistress: (But Kitak/Howahkan is totally legal)
Mistress of Nils: (IT IS)
Mistress of Nils: (....Lets see...we also had Arrogance x Howahkan when How was imprisoned in Kitak's castle *nod nod*)
Mistress of Nils: (That was just out of OOC though XD)
ManseMistress: (...I know what I can do! :3)
Mistress of Nils: (Was?)
ManseMistress: (A Halves-based fic. With Kitak and Phantom's interactions, and then Howahkan and Cowyn's interactions. )
ManseMistress: (Except the latter is horribly depressing XD
Mistress of Nils: (XD)
ManseMistress: (I haven't done a lot of things, my dear)
Mistress of Nils: (Yes but I just remembered you hadn't)
Crownless again shall be the queen
Trophy on her grave still remains unseen
A boat on the river confessing the sins
The Riddler revealing the deep hidden things
ManseMistress: (Yay for Phantom lyrics XD)
Mistress of Nils: (o_O)
ManseMistress: (Nightwish is SUCH love
ManseMistress: (You should seriously check out their CDs )
Mistress of Nils: (XD)
ManseMistress: (Totally awesome lyrics -perfect for songfics and inspiration!-)
Mistress of Nils: (Look who's talking. You haven't written anything substantial in a while)
ManseMistress: (....)
ManseMistress: (*points to the Dimkoe and the latter half of "A Soldier's Best Friend"*)
ManseMistress: (WTF, mate?)
Mistress of Nils: (?)
ManseMistress: (*/End of Ze World Voice*)
Mistress of Nils: (Thats not on the backlist of requests though, and you are being paid for them)
ManseMistress: (....)
ManseMistress: (Fine! If what I've been writing isn't good enough for you XO)
ManseMistress: (THEN SOMETHING)
ManseMistress: (Der)
ManseMistress: (....I still have to show you the Lust!Bryn drabble! XD)
Mistress of Nils: (You do.)
Mistress of Nils: (And you need to do alot of things.
Mistress of Nils: *)
ManseMistress: (I shall put it up )
ManseMistress: (I need to write a lot of things, I need to sew a lot of things, I need to do a lot of things, and I need a break. :P)
Mistress of Nils: (You'll get one after new years)
ManseMistress: (No I won't XD)
Mistress of Nils: (Yes you will)
ManseMistress: (Nuh-uh)
ManseMistress: (I have all that writing to make up for you :P)
Mistress of Nils: (And)
Mistress of Nils: (You will be on Gaia.)
ManseMistress: (And I have to start on my own cosplay costumes and pick up some new commissions for monies)
ManseMistress: (...Oh Goddess XD)
ManseMistress: (Yes, yes)
Mistress of Nils: (n_n)
Mistress of Nils: (What's Phantom in the Sins? Envy?)
Mistress of Nils: (Eriiiii...)
ManseMistress: (Yeah)
ManseMistress: (Sorry, I was working on the lj entry XD
Mistress of Nils: (Sokay XD)
Mistress of Nils: (And Anime is Greed....who are the others?)
ManseMistress: (Envy - Phantom
Lust - Sava
Gluttony - Auddray
Greed - Anime
Sloth - Kaitlin
Wrath - Linaea
Pride - Sylina)
Mistress of Nils: (Ah *nod*)
ManseMistress: (Linaea's is planned, Sylina's is written)
ManseMistress: (That's all so far)
ManseMistress: (I do them at school, you see. When I'm bored. XD
ManseMistress: (Another will probably come about on Monday, since I have a special day with an extra school-wide study hall)
Mistress of Nils: (XD)
ManseMistress: (Wanna know how Bryn's fic starts? XD)
Mistress of Nils: (Sure
Mistress of Nils: *)
ManseMistress: ("It's as if a man can't be equally bisexual anymore.")
Mistress of Nils: (*dead*)
ManseMistress: (I think you'll be more dead after reading it >_
Mistress of Nils: (PROBABLY XD)
ManseMistress: (*is babysitting, too* XD)
ManseMistress: (Alden keeps to himself, and I get $20. I like this.)
ManseMistress: (They're up)
ManseMistress: (Three for you :P)
Mistress of Nils: (WHEE!)
ManseMistress: (Well?)
Mistress of Nils: (Commented)
ManseMistress: (Al: Okay, stop playing around, and give me my shirt back now. =_=)
ManseMistress: (....Drat, you noticed. WELL, TOO BAD!)
ManseMistress: (Al: =_=)
ManseMistress: ((I have Alex lounge clothes XD))
ManseMistress: ((Purple tunic and white pants. Yeys.))
ManseMistress: (It doesn't have any text o_O)
Mistress of Nils: ((XDD))
Mistress of Nils: (o_O)
ManseMistress: (o.o Seriously!)
ManseMistress: ((*has been totally distracted from cutting fabric* :\))
Mistress of Nils: ((XD))
ManseMistress: (Fix teh comment ;.
Mistress of Nils: (WTF?!)
Mistress of Nils: (HOW IN THE HELL DID IT DO THAT O_O)
ManseMistress: (EL DIABLO TT_TT)
ManseMistress: (Replied )
ManseMistress: (*poke* Are you dead? Have I finally killed you?)
Mistress of Nils: (No, I was just replying XD
Mistress of Nils: *)
Mistress of Nils: (I have alot of IMs open too)
Mistress of Nils: (Cause I'm popular on the internet XD)
ManseMistress: (*that's the only place*)
ManseMistress: (...I'm sorry XD *huggle*)
Mistress of Nils: (*kicks you* XO)
ManseMistress: (Replied :P)
Mistress of Nils: (Oh-kay that deserves a pic XD)
ManseMistress: (It *totally* does)
ManseMistress: (Meanwhile Reno's Ribbon equip...has been replaced by a big red bow.)
ManseMistress: (The SoS Crack Division strikes hard and fast )
Mistress of Nils: (XDDDDDDDDDDDDDD)
ManseMistress: (Fydell also got "Wise Uke #1" sharpie-d on his forehead while he slept. He still doesn't know. >XD)
Mistress of Nils: (XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD!!!!)
ManseMistress: (Felix and Raiel got #2 and #3, respectively)
Mistress of Nils: (XD)
Mistress of Nils: (Dude....KinxFydell won't leave me alone)
ManseMistress: (It was going to be Dyf and Demrick, but then Lemures flipped the shit out over us "having the audacity to draw on a comatose kid," so that plan was scrapped :\)
ManseMistress: (Nooooooooooooooooo XD)
ManseMistress: (How does that work? XD)
ManseMistress: ((Reply :P))
Mistress of Nils: ((*dies*))
ManseMistress: ((Kl: ". . ."))
Mistress of Nils: ((*wants to glomp Karel over that* XDDD)
Mistress of Nils: *))
ManseMistress: ((You know very well that it's my goal in life to deplete the dignity of every man I come into contact with. :P))
ManseMistress: ((... *glomps him* CONTACT! XD))
ManseMistress: ((Kl: *pries her off* XO))
Mistress of Nils: ((XDDDD)))
Mistress of Nils: *))
ManseMistress: (...You went into Plane 2.5)
ManseMistress: (XD)
Mistress of Nils: (Exactly)\
Mistress of Nils: (God dammit XD)
ManseMistress: (God: Oh no! I've been dammed! However shall I get water to drink with it in place?! HOW WILL MY SWIMMING POOL EVER FILL?!)
Mistress of Nils: (XD!!!!)
ManseMistress: (Satan: Dude, chill.)
ManseMistress: (God: ;_
ManseMistress: (Satan: Do you need a hug?)
ManseMistress: (God: ...Yes.)
Mistress of Nils: (XDD!!!!)
ManseMistress: (~The End~)
ManseMistress: (Jesus: Nobody likes me TT_TT)
ManseMistress: (~Or is it?~)
Mistress of Nils: (If you went further there would have been yaoi. You know it.)
ManseMistress: (Jews: *have a party!*)
ManseMistress: (Jews: *without Jesus!*)
ManseMistress: (Jesus: *cry*)
ManseMistress: (~The REAL End~)
Mistress of Nils: (XD)
ManseMistress: ()
ManseMistress: (...You spawn my best crack. I love you. XD)
Mistress of Nils: (n_n Luff j00 too)
Mistress of Nils: (You know what else is good?)
Mistress of Nils: (Song fics.)
ManseMistress: (XD)
Mistress of Nils: (Now go look at the lyrics for "Mr. Brightside" and tell me what they go with...and if all else fails it will be a Cruin-angst fic.)
ManseMistress: (Not again XD)
ManseMistress: (I looked before! :P)
Mistress of Nils: (Well)
Mistress of Nils: (Look again and tell me if theres another possible pairing)
ManseMistress: (Cruin!angst works well with it, so just do that :P)
ManseMistress: (Um, kay)
Mistress of Nils: (Because I know it goes with something else...I just can't think of it n_n;; )
ManseMistress: (It could work with Dimitri, I guess, with when Fydell tells him that Koejin wasn't loyal and doesn't want him back.)
ManseMistress: (But the Cruin connection is stronger)
Mistress of Nils: (Yeah)
ManseMistress: (I say go for Cruin ^^)
Mistress of Nils: (Yeah, its the only thing that makes perfect sense with it *nod nod*)
ManseMistress: (
ManseMistress: (...*is so poor from buying so many presents* XD
Mistress of Nils: (*is too*)
ManseMistress: (Thank goodness for sewing)
ManseMistress: (And writing)
ManseMistress: (Otherwise I'd be totally screwd)
Mistress of Nils: (XD)
ManseMistress: (...Such as that last screwed was screwed, crippled by single-E syndrome)
ManseMistress: (It didn't live past age two)
ManseMistress: (P: "...")
Mistress of Nils: (XD)
ManseMistress: (P: *casually pushes fabric and shears in Ereka's direction*)
Mistress of Nils: (XD)
ManseMistress: (=_=
ManseMistress: (You're now getting Dana's presents, because she's a horrible person.)
Mistress of Nils: (*BLINK* What'd she do?)
ManseMistress: (She started the whole Mike-thing, but she won't stop it.)
Mistress of Nils: (...oh)
ManseMistress: (Even though I was telling her to stop last night, and she didn't and was royally pissing me off. And she says I never said anything and she won't do anything.)
Mistress of Nils: (*pat pat* Sokay)
ManseMistress: (>_
ManseMistress: (No it's not! >_
Mistress of Nils: (Well I mean for you to calm a bit, not what she's doing)
Mistress of Nils: (Like "its oh-kay" in a calm downish way)
Mistress of Nils: AK: ...."Sit down and drink your god damn tea."
ManseMistress: (TT_TT)
ManseMistress: (*clings to Erky*)
ManseMistress: (Er: *hugs her and holds up the Victory sign behind her back*)
ManseMistress: Au: ...No, my apple juice. T_T
Mistress of Nils: AK: *was just talking about how Cid needs a good woman in the KH guild* XD
Mistress of Nils: AK: "Yeah...but most people say Vin can fill in easily." XDD
ManseMistress: Au: No, he needs Vinny ;.;
ManseMistress: Au: ^^
ManseMistress signed off at 9:32:02 PM.
ManseMistress signed on at 9:33:08 PM.
ManseMistress: (Please tell me you have the conversation TT_TT)
ManseMistress: (Please stick it in an lj cut if you do TT_TT)
ManseMistress signed off at 9:33:38 PM.


No one is on, I'm so bored I could keel over.

....I need stuff off Bakabox 1...I'm on Bakabox 3...-_-

So bored....